Glue Gun and Technomelt® Hot Melt Cleaner

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Pro2-180 Glue Gun

Surebonder 150W glue gun

THE SUREBONDER PRO2-180 professional heavy duty hot glue gun uses standard diameter glue sticks (1/2", 7/16", 0.43"). It has 4.5 times more power than your standard glue gun and has a maximum output of 2.5 lbs. of glue per hour.

The quick heating feature allows for faster recovery time and less waiting. The stroke adjustment screw allows you to control the amount of glue dispensed with each trigger squeeze. Standard features include 2 insulated nozzles, on/off switch, stroke adjustment screw, gun balancer and a safety fuse that will automatically shut off the gun in the event of a short. For best results we recommend you use Surebonder high temperature full size glue sticks.

Currently, Adhesive Specialty Inc. only sells to the Canadian Market. 

Technomelt® Hot Melt Cleaner/Spray

Technomelt Adhesive Cleaner

TECHNOMELT® CLEANER also known as MELT-O-CLEAN, is a cold cleaning agent used for the cleaning of machine surfaces, application units and general machinery which is specially designed to remove residual adhesive, heavy grease and grime.

Technomelt® cleaner is based on organic ingredients and applied at room temperature.

Currently, Adhesive Specialty Inc. only sells to the Canadian Market.