Case & Carton Sealing; Pellets & sticks

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Glue Pellets

Technomelt Carton and pellets

As a global supplier of packaging adhesives, Henkel provides the broadest range of hot melt adhesives for case and carton sealing for every condition, substrate, process, and budget. Henkel's value added product families enhance your packaging line by removing noise and distractions from the operation.

Currently, Adhesive Specialty Inc. only sells to the Canadian Market. 

Description Product Name Open Time (OT) Set Speed (ST) Viscosity (cP) Application Temp. (°F) Container Item No. Safety Data Sheet
Standard Low Temperature Technology. Technomelt® COOL 250A™ 🍁 OT 5-6 sec.
ST 2-3 sec.
1,150 275 Carton 1389049 04/18/2022
Low Application Temperature Hot Melt with excellent balance of Low and High Temperature Adhesion. Technomelt® Supra PRO 450 Cool™ 🍁 OT - Moderate
ST - Fast
1,010 250-275 Carton 2597201 10/08/2020
Premium Metallocene Technology. Freezer Grade. Technomelt® Supra 100™ 🍁 OT 9-10 sec.
ST 3-4 sec.
950 350 Carton 1285668 02/13/2018
Metallocene with Easier Cleanup. Technomelt® Supra 106M™ 🍁 OT 9-10 sec.
ST 1-2 sec.
1,150 350 Carton 1217762 06/30/2022
General Purpose, Fast Setting EVA Hot Melt with high heat resistance. Technomelt® 8450™ 🍁 OT - Medium
ST - Medium
925 325-375 Carton 2370752 02/25/2019
Carton Seal for difficult surfaces and high performance straw attachment. Technomelt® 279A™ 🍁 OT -  Medium
ST - Moderate
1,430 325-375 Carton 1217467 01/08/2014

Glue Sticks

Surebonder glue sticks shown in container and loose

Surebonder® is an industry leader in shaped hot melt innovation and manufacturing. In their 45,000 sq’ ft facility in Wauconda, Illinois, they engineer, test and produce glue sticks and glue guns with the highest quality materials.

GLUE STICKS: Approximately 450 all purpose, clear hot glue sticks per 25lb. box.

Currently, Adhesive Specialty Inc. only sells to the Canadian Market.

Description Product Name Open Time (OT) Viscosity (cP) Application Temp. (°F) Container Item No. Safety Data Sheet
General Purpose. High/Low Temperature. Hot Melt with Long Open Time and Good Delivery Rate. Good Adhesion to plastics, woods, and paper. White Glue Sticks 🍁 OT - Long (65 sec.) 33,400 @ 275°F
4,400 @ 375°F
250-380 Carton
(450 Glue Sticks – 10" Length x 7/16" Diameter – Per Carton)
ASI-725R10 09/19/2018
🍁 Listed on and complies with the Canadian Domestic Substances List